Money and shopping

In Germany, many financial transactions are conducted without cash. This applies to shopping as well as to wage payments from employers and the payment of bills.

As soon as you arrive in Germany, you should open a current account at a bank of your choice. You will need this current account to pay bills and recurring expenses (rent, electricity, etc.). Furthermore, wages and salaries will be transferred directly to a current account. They are never paid out in cash. Ask the bank about its conditions and costs for opening a current account. Also bring any documents that you will need to open an account.

You can buy food, toiletries and other everyday products in supermarkets, shopping centres, drugstores and specialist shops. You can pay with cash anywhere in Germany. You can also pay by Girocard (current account debit card) or by credit card almost everywhere. After the card payment, the purchase amount will be debited from your account.