Rights and obligations

Rights and obligations Your daily life will be determined by rights and duties. Here, we explain how you can protect your rights and where you can get advice on this.

Lawyers If you ever need legal representation, you can be represented by a lawyer. The lawyer may charge fees for any work they perform. They can also demand these fees in advance. The fees must always be paid by the client, no matter which party eventually prevails in court. Since legal disputes can therefore quickly become very expensive, it is possible to take out legal expenses insurance. This provides you with financial support in asserting your claims in court and protects you from legal costs.

 You can find more information here: Consumer advice centre.  

Consumer protection Consumer protection serves to protect people in their role as consumers or users of services and goods. Among other things, it is about creating productive quality and price competition for transparent markets, providing clear consumer information and fighting for reliable rights.   The consumer advice centre of Saxony-Anhalt maintains branches in many towns. They provide advice on the following topics, for example:

  • Old-age provision advice
  • Energy consulting
  • Food consulting
  • Credit and loan advice
  • Insurance consulting
  • Legal advice (by a lawyer)

You can find further information here: