Settling in

Settling in After a successful move you need to settle into your new living environment. Here is some advice to make sure you feel comfortable in your new home and living environment.

Get to know your neighbours Just ring your neighbour’s doorbell and introduce yourself briefly. This way you will get to know your neighbours and they will know immediately who lives near them.

Night’s rest In Germany you are welcome to celebrate with your new neighbours or friends. But you should pay attention to the night’s rest. From 10 p.m. to 6 a.m. (on weekends as well as holidays also over lunchtime), you should keep any sounds down to room level. Do not use any washing machines, vacuum cleaners, drills and other noisy appliances during these times.

Pets Small animals that are mainly kept in cages, aquariums or terrariums, can be kept in any apartment by law. If you keep larger animals such as dogs and cats, or dangerous or poisonous animals, you must obtain permission from your landlord in advance. Before buying an animal, ask whether you are allowed to keep it in your apartment.

Tap water is considered the best controlled food in Germany. Because of this, you can usually drink water from the tap and use it for cooking. Only in old buildings should you have the water quality checked beforehand because of the old pipes.

Waste separation. The collection, separation and sorting of waste serves to protect the environment by recycling raw materials. Learn the rules of your town regarding the blue, yellow, green and black bins. Every town has its own rules and waste separation systems. Some offer separation aids in several languages as overviews.