I already live in Germany

Saxony-Anhalt is a great location for modern business and science right in the heart of Germany! The business landscape is characterised by small and medium-sized enterprises. The resulting individual and familiar atmosphere gives our state a special charm. There are great opportunities, especially for immigrants and those returning, when it comes to finding a job here, since the demographic change, which is particularly marked by the past emigration of young people and a declining birth rate, has created a great need for skilled workers.

In addition, there are many universities and scientific and research institutions in our part of the country that produce important innovations in cooperation with companies. These structures offer excellent opportunities for the promotion of citizens interested in education and career advancement! Joint initiatives to improve the compatibility of family and career as well as the creation of an open, positive and welcoming culture for all people, regardless of origin, status and gender, are a fundamental concern of the state government and the citizens who live here.

Saxony-Anhalt offers very good living conditions, in particular for families. In addition to low living costs, the state offers comprehensive all-day childcare. Furthermore, good and affordable housing is available for all families in the countryside and in the city. Saxony-Anhalt has a distinctive cultural landscape, a wide range of associations, high-quality health care and a well-developed local transport network.